Energy for Everyone’s Future

Orion Energy is an independent oil and gas company focused on production in Latin America.
Our vision is strategic, our approach is unique, and our commitment is simple: long-term sustainability through disciplined execution according to our high standards.

Our Values

Integrity, excellence and discipline are our guiding principles. Our goals are high, our results measure our success, and we are relentlessly striving to improve. We create prosperity through the partnerships and relationships we develop. We reject complacency, tolerate no excuses, and stand by our word.

Social Development

Orion Energy prospers when local communities flourish. We invest in better facilities, and look for opportunities to improve healthcare and education for people living near the project development. Our reputation rests on the trust we cultivate with those communities – we engage with them, and value them as partners.


Our Locations

Orion has its headquarters in Singapore.

Consistent with our goal of being a leading mid-size company, we are exploring a number of opportunities, in South America.

Head Office

Orion Energy Pte Limited
Level 46 UOB Plaza 1
80 Raffles Place
Singapore 048624