Our Statement
of Values

Providing energy to a world with growing energy demands is a great business, worthy of total commitment and long-term investment. The three stars in the Orion logo symbolise the balance and harmony between the production of energy, our stakeholders, and the environment – the three pillars of sustainability.

To achieve this balance, Orion operates in accordance with the
following fundamental values.

Our foundation is absolute integrity.

Principles come before profits. There is no price on moral capital.
We stand by our word.

Excellence is our calling card.

At Orion, the highest standards are our baseline.
We strive to exceed them in all we do.

Discipline defines us.

We focus on delivering exceptional results in our core business.
We allow no excuses, distractions, or complacency, ever.

Sustainability is our guiding light.

Producers, communities, governments, employees and customers all have expectations, roles and responsibilities, to each other and to the environment.
All must be respected.
Transparency is essential for sustainability; we communicate openly and inclusively.

We measure success by the long-term value we create for shareholders, stakeholders and communities.

Results tell the truth and enable us to learn, improve and endure.

We are on a journey of relentless improvement.

Greatness demands that we seek ways to do everything better.

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